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“Distinguish Your Business from Your Competition...Then Purge Them from the Minds of Your Prospects and Customers.”


We're a full-service agency with abundant creativity and high-end technology solutions

We're a marketing agency, delivering high-level Inbound and Outbound full-service marketing solutions, focused on creating authentic memorable customer experiences. We operate on a simple philosophy—to provide small business owners with fully-managed 'done-with-you' marketing solutions, uniquely focused on accomplishing three things: (1) Increase your revenue, (2) Decrease your expenses, and (3) Maximize your potential. We remove confusion and effort for the business owner when it comes to improving their profitability. Our fully-managed solutions consistently deliver results through the “profit faucets” we engineer and install on their behalf. We free our clients to focus solely on doing what they do best, running their business.

— Branding, Art & Communications  

We'll create and deliver a fantastic story of your products, services & business to your audience.

— Printwork & Video Production 

We draw and print all types of products, from booklets to pin-up calendars, and shoot commercials.

— Website Design & Development 

Make your website or application beautiful, from the very first button to the smallest interface details. 

— Marketing & Content Creation

All kinds of marketing strategies to effectively promote your company or product.



We'll build you a powerful industry dominating brand.

We're a marketing agency, delivering high-level Inbound and Outbound full-service marketing solutions, focused on creating authentic memorable customer experiences.

Our agency consists of highly skilled and experienced marketing experts who know how to deal with any task that you may encounter. In working with over 262 different industry segments, chances are we know your industry intimately and your customers' emotional buying triggers that get them to buy from you.


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We provide complex sales strategies for the most demanding clients.


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We go the extra mile to ensure your success. 

As a full-service marketing agency, we provide all the solutions you need to captivate your customers by giving them a memorable experience, strengthen your brand, boost your sales, promote your goods and services, and dominate your local marketplace.

Web Development

A website is your most powerful tool for communication. There are no boundaries to what you can do. A website offers you:

Analytics & Research

Knowing yourself is only half the battle. You must learn the desires of your customers if you want to survive in business.

Mobile App Development

Compatible on any device, using any browser. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer the best user experience.

Training & Coaching

Create A Marketing System That Systematically Wins You More Business. Build Your Case Like An Attorney Would.


Having accurate, up-to-date listings help search engines and customers locate you. We update and publish everywhere.


We'll compile reviews from dozens of sites so you can easily see what’s being said about your business online.

Experience Videos

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Video and Create Personalized Memorable Experiences

Proximity Marketing

Communicate with in-store customers through their mobile devices and connect like a mega-retailer.

Search Engine Optimization

Today SEO is about providing the right information to consumers through rich experiences.

Competitive Intelligence

We'll identify what your competitors are doing and the threat they present to your company's survival.

Artboard 17

Advertising / Media Buying

Cross-channel media buying & ad intelligence solutions for today's small business advertisers.


To achieve ultimate success in business your goal must be to achieve true BRAND AWARENESS and CREDIBILITY.

Credibility Gap Analysis

The analysis measures the differences between your current state, measured against where you should be.

Cloud Computing

We've crafted several pioneering products to form one complete small business computing SOLUTION!

Flexible Support

You can choose from three (3) tiers of flexible support for your Compass Correct products, training, and services.

Live Webinar Events

Learn the newest, most effective marketing, advertising and sales strategies. Attend an upcoming event.

Live Workshops & Conferences

Learn the newest, most effective marketing, advertising and sales strategies. Attend an upcoming event.

Marketplace Domination Secrets

Compass Correct's "Marketplace Domination Secrets" program is about the literal transformation of a small business.

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With Compass Correct, you get access to dozens of services all designed to significantly boost your success potential.

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Be a more credible, more fulfilling, more passionate and purposeful business.

You may not have reached your goal of offering a better VALUE yet. However, ultimately VALUE is the kind of integral benefit you want to develop and offer your customers. VALUE is your company-wide philosophy.

We'll show you how to develop a more credible, more fulfilling, more passionate, and purposeful business—how to build authentic, ethical, honest, integral, and transparent relationships with your employees and customers... and reveal you're true VALUE to the outside world.

  • Increase Your Revenues

    For your site to be visible on the Internet, you need promotion. Leave the nuances to the experts. We will carry out all the necessary internal and external work so that your site is highly ranked by Google.

  • Reduce Your Expenses

    Content is the king. High-quality, valuable and interesting content brings you more and more customers. It works in the long run, showing you great results month after month.

  • Maximize Your Potential

    Inbound marketing creates the authority of your brand, attracts buyers through content. Outbound marketing includes traditional marketing tools, such as radio advertising, mailing, polygraphy, etc.


It's time to act.

Compass Correct offers a new breed of business development. Our solutions and training center around the philosophy that to win in business, you've got to first, be better than your competitors, and second, market better than your competitors. The days of using sales techniques and slick advertising tactics to trick people to buy your products or services are over.

Now you've got to build competitive advantage into the way you do business, then communicate that advantage in a way that B2B or B2C prospects can instantly recognize you as the obvious choice to buy from. Our system shows businesses how to accomplish these two objectives, step-by-step.


This is us.

We have put together one of the best marketing teams, consisting of marketers, web developers, analysts, computer scientists, etc.


Jack Tuuk, Co-Founder


Amanda Ossich


Andrew Basington


Karen Millner


Helen Bell


Our latest projects.

Check out some of our projects to determine whether we're the right fit for you.


Space 3D-modeling



LOKO Startup



Wedding salon



What they say about us.

We are always happy to receive such great feedback and praise from our highly valued customers.


Margaret Smith

CEO at Pillar Company

“Compass Correct is made up of true seasoned experts, and their rates are shockingly reasonable. Their strategists, engineers, and designers built an eye-catching website for my new eCommerce company that converts sales like crazy and is aesthetically attractive. It's fantastic! Thank you very much!”

October 28, 2019


James Gordons

CEO at MedicNOW

“Our business has been in operation for ten years, and we were pleased with everything. However, we recognized that the world is changing, and we, too, must ride the new wave. We had our website and mobile app completely redesigned, and the results were fantastic!”

January 15, 2019


Kylie Johnson

Marketing Director at Fish & Co

We have a fairly complex product, a lengthy marketing plan, and our specialists are overwhelmed by the scope of work. We began working with Compass Correct, and they demonstrated that the adage "Self-help is the greatest assistance" is not always accurate.

December 15, 2019


Let's discuss your project and together we'll find a solution.

Compass Correct is a team of designers, developers, and marketers specializing in customer experience (CI). We provide a highly creative approach to the way we work and we incorporate many ideas for each project. Attention to detail, simplicity, and maximum experience value - all this makes our projects industry-dominating and successful.


We've created stunning projects for these guys.  


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Our Master Business Coaches are standing by ready to assist you in establishing and setting up the right “Customer Experience” solutions for your small business. Our Master Business Coaches are fully trained and experienced with knowing exactly the best approach to take to maximize sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

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