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“Credibility is the power to elicit the belief that your business is 'real' and that you can be counted on to service your customers' needs adequately.”

What We Do Isn't For Everyone. This is for those business owners who feel like they have something BETTER to offer, but just haven't managed to convince the rest of the world of the value of their “little secret.” We know exactly how to convince them that you're DIFFERENT... VALUABLE... and most of all, the BEST Choice!

Credibility is ...Someone Else's Perception of Who You Are

To achieve ultimate success in business your goal must be to achieve true BRAND AWARENESS and CREDIBILITY.And, to accomplish that, it must be EARNED… not simply created.

Your business must be credible in every aspect, function, product, service, image, and message that is presented or delivered to your customers and prospects.

Have you ever visited a Walmart® in any town, city, or state?

When you entered their store, did you experience any feeling of not knowing what to expect to find there? Of course not!

Why? Because they are all pretty much exactly the same. Their colors are the same. Their signage is the same.

They all carry most of the exact same products.

And, all their employees wear the same royal blue aprons with the golden Walmart® asterisk style logo.

In fact, you will find their logo everywhere throughout the store.

You See, Massive Success in Business is Based on Credibility.

Credibility Trumps Everything. It trumps techniques, systems, technology, strategy, capitalization… everything!

There are five areas to consider when it comes to establishing credibility in your business, and brand. When you eventually cover all five of these areas and position them all in alignment, you will have achieved credibility in your business and brand.

Once your BRAND is truly credible and established, like a Walmart®, you will have achieved the ultimate goal of business, which is ongoing customer loyalty.

Your Customer Determines Credibility.

In a time when online companies use their online support to distance and shield them from costly interactions with their customers -- as a business owner, you need to take advantage of that disconnect and use an entirely different approach.

Start building personal relationships through your employees and with your customers. Hire great people and utilize their skills, personalities, and talents. Learn about and come to know your customers.

Humanize them. Humanize your employees. Humanize yourself … and you will harvest rewards beyond your dreams. Like harvesting crops, it takes work and time, but the results extend well beyond your efforts.

Credibility Builds Customer Confidence

Establishing Business Credibility Begins with Developing Your Personal Integrity as A Person… as An Employer… and As A Business Owner.


Credibility Begins with YOU,the Business Owner

As a business owner, the way you lead others is by your example. That includes how you relate with your employees and customers. When everyone within your company freely does their part, the entire team prospers because nothing artificial exists.

Your relationships will always reflect your inner world and integrity. When you have done the work in achieving authenticity, personal integrity, and feel complete in yourself, your self-respect will lead others to respect you in return.

Your heart and mind reflect your sincerity and it shows itself to others. This is at the heart of the law of attraction.

By asking yourself simple questions like...

● What kind of products or services do I want to provide?● Do I merely want to make money for myself and my employees?● Or is my passion-driven to provide the best value to my customers?

Defining specific answers to these questions will help you formulate your business philosophy and in turn, will structure a solid foundation you can build or rebuild your business on.

Five (5) Points To AchievingLegitimate Brand Awareness

  • (1) Customer Values

    The customer determines Credibility. This is based on those things that are most important to the customer. Their concerns, fears, anticipations, expectations are all a major part of determining what the marketplace deems as Credible. A Credibility Analysis based on heavy customer research will determine these values.

  • Philosophy-religion-morals- precept-brain

    (2) Character

    The character of the business. The moral qualities are distinctive to the vision and mission of the business. An organization needs to make sure that its vision, mission, and the philosophies of the corporation, company, or organization are all in alignment with what the marketplace or the customer has determined is Credible.

  • (3) Competence

    How good is the organization really? How good are their products or the services they deliver? Do they meet, exceed, or fall short of the desired or promised results. Are they delivering what the marketplace deems as Credible? This is based on ensuring that all of the components within the internal operations of the organization are developed and integrated “in alignment” with what the marketplace has determined Credible. A credibility gap analysis and high-level competitive intelligence will identify these particulars.

  • 14

    (4) Communications

    Are all of our different communications in alignment with what the marketplace has determined is credible? There are two separate and distinct types of communication:
    A. Non-verbal Communications: This consists of logos, buildings, staff presence, uniforms, and trucks; items like that. Do they reflect and prove to the customer that the business is Credible based on their colors, design, placement, and mannerisms.
    B. Verbal Communications: This has to do with advertising, PR, marketing, sales presentations, scripts, websites, collateral material, or marketing messages of any kind that’s coming from the business. Do they support and build Credibility, or do they diminish it? There are seven different critical components when it comes to verbal communications. Each component needs to be in alignment in order for the business's verbal communications to be Credible.

  • (5) Consistency

    This ties everything together. A business needs to make sure that the first four C’s of Credibility are consistent throughout the entire business and all of its functions. And lastly, that they communicate consistently with their customers or clients and with their prospects.
    When all of these C’s are in alignment with the first, Customer Values, then you’ve attained Credibility. When you demonstrate your company’s Credibility, then and only then, can you take your place in the customers' minds within the market in which you’re competing? You’ll have earned your brand. You will have achieved the ultimate goal of marketing, advertising, and sales… true customer loyalty.
    If you continue to consistently analyze the Credibility Gap of your company and consistently realign yourself, you will never ever lose customer loyalty and you’ll never lose your space. You, Will, Dominate The Marketplace. And once dominance has been taken, the only way to lose it is if you give it up.

Once Dominance Has Been Taken, the Only Way to Lose It Is If You Give It Up.

When these areas of credibility are in alignment with the first, “Customer Values” … then you have attained true credibility for your business and positioned your business as a true leader in your marketplace.

When you demonstrate your business' credibility, then and only then, can you take your place in your customers' minds within the market in which you compete?

You will have “earned” your BRAND. You will have achieved the ultimate goal of business… true ongoing customer loyalty.

If you continue to consistently analyze the “Gap” of your company and consistently realign yourself, you will never lose customer loyalty, and you’ll never lose your space.

You Will Eventually Dominate Your Marketplace.

And once dominance has been taken, the only way to lose it is if you give it up.


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