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Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Video

Create Exceptional Customer Relationships
Through Personalized Memorable Experiences

In business today, you simply can’t just communicate — you need to connect and develop memorable relationships with your customers.

The talk in the marketing industry is; “marketing is evolving at lightning-fast speeds.” I personally think it’s our audiences that are evolving. As marketers, we’re all just trying to keep up. We have both consumer and client audiences to thank for the rising popularity of the “customer experience.” Executed with authenticity, the customer experience is an immersive, holistic, humanistic messaging tool that appeals to today’s customer: Someone who is willing to invest a little time and get to know the companies, owners, employees, and brands they are thinking about surrendering their loyalty toward.

So, What Is A “Customer Experience” Exactly?

We get asked this question a lot. Simply put, it’s designing a sensory experience that appeals to at least one of five senses, if not several:(1)sight, (2)sound, (3)smell, (4)taste, and (5)touch, all to raise an emotional feeling.

Next, it is delivering the experience through interactions between prospective and existing customers, and your company, powerful enough to create a lasting and meaningful relationship.

The customer experience has been around forever. But today, creating a “customer experience” is accomplished by leveraging technology, data, personalization, positive personal interaction, personal relationship development, and storytelling to reinvent the experience into something that is memorable.

The term “customer experience” came to life as many terms in the marketing industry do — with the evolution of the media, the Internet, the World Wide Web (WWW), email, social media, and the various channels we use to communicate our message or stories today.

There have been other terms used to describe it, such as “live events,” “event marketing,” “experiential marketing,” “sponsorship activation,” and so forth. But what these terms fail to do is include one small but an invaluable word: Branding.

Creating a memorable brand is the ultimate goal of marketing to develop a sustainable business. Don’t you think so? And a memorable customer experience offers unlimited potential for your business and brand, and more importantly, its ongoing survival.

The brands most celebrated unequivocally offer a superior customer experience—something only 3% of companies can claim.

Creating an exceptional personalized memorable customer experience is not difficult. What you need to know is, the kind of customer experience you provide will either give or remove your ability to create life-long relationships with your customers. I’m referring to devoted customer loyalty here.

The Example of Starbucks

People all have an intrinsic need to make connections with one another. We love to hang out with our tribes. And part of what makes a successful connection is finding the right place to make it happen. Look at Starbucks. They understand that people don’t just visit their locations to grab a coffee on the run and leave. Sure! They do that too. But many people want a place to meet with friends or clients, spend a relaxing hour with a good book, have a mobile workspace for homework and work, and do it all in a familiar comfortable living room ‘like’ atmosphere, no matter where they visit throughout the world.

That’s why Starbucks designed its stores around creating a welcoming community space that fosters feelings of safety and inclusion. This makes the perfect environment to connect and maintain the connections people crave.

People today also crave authenticity, transparency, and social awareness. They are attracted to businesses, owners, and employees that inspire them. They want to know that the money they spend is contributing to ethical, responsible, and sustainable businesses. In other words, they’re seeking a relationship with you—should they choose to support you.

See this and other photography from "Wes Hicks"

The Webinar Experience

People today are marketing savvy, or maybe more to the point, marketing wary.

We all use ad blockers. We opt-out of email campaigns. In short, just because you build a business, it doesn’t mean they will come. People are also much more interested in collecting memories rather than just “stuff.”
Experiences, Not Consumption, Drive Lasting Relationships.

To win the hearts of your customers, you must provide them with a unique engaging memorable experience that will resonate with their ability to appreciate and respond to emotional or aesthetic influences, and then make it memorable.● Emotional influences bonds with their heart and the way they feel or want to feel.● Aesthetic influences are things visually pleasing to them.
People today are more prone to form tribes based on shared values rather than by age. Diversity is no longer celebrated — it’s expected.
This is where the “experience” offers a fantastic opportunity. Today we all can spend a little time in the same webinar room and have face-to-face conversations through live video.
We can also deliver our messages through live streaming video announcements or events. I mean, what could be more authentic than that? For your company and brand to survive you need to create immersive experiences that are a blend of direct contact both in person and on the phone, through live conferencing, and indirect contact through email, social media, video, SMS text messaging, etc., to connect with people in the way they personally like to communicate through.
Thanks to affordable SaaS cloud technology like ClickFunnels Actionetics, as an example, you can now create an ongoing conversation and build relationships with your customers, by actively engaging them before, during, and after your advertising offering or event.

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Keeping Customer Experience In Mind

Watch Daniel Kahneman | Ted2010, in this TED video, “Keeping customer experience in mind,” to see why that is so important and critical to your business survival that the experience you create is memorable.

Make Your Customer the Star of the Show

To create a memorable customer experience, your goal is to make your customer — not you, your company, or your brand — the star of the show.

When done correctly, experience videos can respond to both emotional and aesthetic influences simultaneously.They can also deliver proof of authenticity, transparency, and social awareness.

Developing memorable customer experiences will set your company and brand apart from the rest of the pack. By creating positive memories as part of your seamless customer journey you increase your chance in reaping the rewards

Capture the Excitement of Your Greatest Client Success Stories on Video.

Customer video interviews are some of the most powerful “motivators to buy” that you can have in your sales arsenal. The reason they are so powerful is that, if done correctly, they are powerful endorsements from people who have successfully experienced your buying process with great satisfaction. And through their genuine excitement, they possess the ability to infectiously excite your potential new customers.

How to Get Customers to Truthfully Say the Right Things to Make a Proper Endorsement?

It’s simple really… develop an interview process that extracts key critical information during a natural stress-free conversation… and record it all on video LIVE. Make sure the questions you ask prompt powerful, engaging, captivating statements about your company.

If Done Properly, Video Can Feel Genuine and Authentic.

In fact, video is the only medium where you can truly deliver all the raw emotion and excitement your customers feel. Get them to support their claims with shots of the actual evidence at the same time. What if your staff was taught how to use powerful customer interview endorsement videos as a tool when speaking to prospective new customers about your business? Do you think your conversion ratios might go up say… 10%? How about 20%? How about 50% in some cases? It’s possible!

Do you realize that testimonials are a natural part of our everyday communication cycle? Yet, when it comes to writing a testimonial for a company most people don’t mention or even consider all the things of value that would be of interest to others.

Consider the last time you personally bought a great fitting pair of comfortable shoes –or bought a golf club that really improved your game –or a stunningly killer dress that made you light up as soon as you entered the room –or a car with an interior that seemed to accommodate your physic like a glove. You were excited about it, weren’t you? In fact, you couldn’t wait to tell all your relatives, friends and co-workers about it, could you? How did it sound? Was it…

“Holy cow. I got these shoes yesterday. I can’t believe how great they feel. Before I would just walk a little bit around the house or maybe the office and my feet would absolutely kill me by 5:00 pm. And today, after wearing these new (XYZ) shoes, I would say that my level of pain has diminished by at least 50%... after one single day. Oh my God!!! I’m so excited. I have been suffering from foot pain for the past 10 years now. And, until yesterday, no matter what shoes I bought, nothing seemed to make a positive difference. To feel 50% better in a single day! I can’t wait to see how my feet feel by the end of the week.”

If you had that kind of experience wouldn’t you just tell everybody! Of course, you would.

The fact is… we’ve all had experiences like this in one way, shape or form. Some of your customers have experienced the same level of excitement about your products and/or services too. And you know what? Their excitement is tremendously infectious.

If a customer of yours had an experience like that, wouldn’t you want to perch them on a fence just outside of your business? Or maybe you could position them in your store or business – in an open area where people could feel free to chat with them. But, there might be some holes in that thought, wouldn’t there be? It wouldn’t appear to be entirely genuine, would it? But if done properly, the video can feel Genuine and actually be Authentic.

We Create Highly Effective Marketing Strategy and Video Production for Small Business

High-quality videos are crucial for demonstrating the capabilities of new products and creating ads that convert new customers and clients. Video is your biggest opportunity in 2020. Whether you run a one-person business from your home or have a small startup that’s just getting off the ground, or work for a giant multinational corporation, there are countless ways to use video to your advantage.

Video Content Captures Attention in a Memorable Way

    85% of marketers say that video is an effective way to get attention online. (Animoto)
    Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video. (Social Media Week)
    The average video retains 37% of viewers all the way to the end of the video. (Hubspot)
    The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized ... (Hubspot)

Video Content is Effective in Gaining Brand Awareness

    Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. (Animoto)
    94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding ... (Wyzowl)
    30% of mobile shoppers say video is the best medium for discovering new products. (Facebook)
    96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product ... (Wyzowl)

Video Content is Effective in Driving Sales

    93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. (Animoto)
    79% of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a piece of software or app. (Wyzowl)
    92% of mobile users report sharing videos with others. (Social Media Week)

Video Content Positively Affect the Sales Funnel

    84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website. (Wyzowl)
    81% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads. (Wyzowl)
    80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website. (Wyzowl)
    41% of marketers say that video has helped them reduce support calls. (Wyzowl)

Video Production Services We Provide

Product & eCommerce Videos

Industrial Design | Market Influencer Videos | Manufacturer Interviews

Do you want hundreds, thousands, or potentially millions of people to see your product(s)? Our experienced team will work with you to capture your product(s), convey the best message possible, and get your video(s) in front of the right audience.

Compass Correct - is connected to dozens of (large audience) influencers that can offer you a powerful and immediate impact on your product sales performance, brand endorsement, and brand credibility. We'll produce and help you release and distribute your product video(s) to get maximum ROI.

Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels

* Extra rates apply for Influencer Traffic & Industrial Design

Web & Cable TV

Promotional & Commercial Advertising Videos

A video is the most effective way to distribute your story, and get your story in front of the right audience, and find new clients and customers. We'll help you create the right strategic plan based on your unique goals, challenges, and customers.

Have you considered doing video advertising or marketing in the past but been disappointed by the results? We have powerful strategies for releasing your video(s), and getting in front of the right audience. We'll help you achieve new sales from your past customers, referrals, and your new customers.

Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels

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Software Videos

Offering Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Are Powerful

Videos are the ideal way to showcase your software to potential customers. With software video tutorials, you can easily show your customers everything your software can do and achieve for them, including the powerful impact your software will have on their business or life.

Software video tutorials work well on your website, are included as a DVD in your brick-and-mortar product packages, and are included as B-Roll segments in your promotional advertising videos.


* Extra rates apply for DVD duplication & packaging

Training & Safety Videos

We Have Powerful Ways To Cure Your Training & Safety Video Slump

Let's face it, most training & safety videos are dry, boring, and ineffective. We know how to easily convey complex messages, processes, ideas, and tasks, and get people to take notice and positively respond.

The right training & safety video strategy can create huge intended results for the goal and message you are looking to convey to your workforce. They can also work for your company through continued use, months and years into the future of your business.


Save lives | Improve efficiency | Teach Challenging Processes | Increase Employee Retention.

Company Interview Videos

By 2022, 80% of Internet Traffic is Expected to be Video Consumption

Compass Correct produces unbiased, trust-building video content for your prospects and customers crafted to make it easier for them to make a buying decision. Company Interview Videos are POWERFUL!!! We craft them to establish trust and captivate your audience. Plus, we implement dominating video strategies to compel your audience to take action and shorten your sales cycles.

Customers prefer to self-serve and educate themselves by watching videos instead of reading written content. They will abandon you for another company if your competition makes it easier for them to self-educate. Crafting compelling stories for LIVE Company Interviews of C-Level Executives and Staff is what Compass Correct does GREAT!!! We'll help you craft the right message.
To Effectively Compete in 2020, You Need to Embrace the VIDEO CULTURE.


* THE COMPASS CORRECT PRODUCTION TEAM interviews and directs what you executives and staff say in their LIVE interview either filmed on location or at our studio location.

Super Powerful Customer Video Reviews

Testimonials | Endorsements | Customer-Generated

Now you can get positive, powerful, seamless customer-generated VIDEO REVIEWS per month. Written reviews are like fax machines; old tech, unshareable, and 30% (minimum) are absolutely FAKE! Written reviews are costing businesses billions in lost sales and brand trust.

Now you can drive in more sales and brand trust with something your customers actually want: Real, authentic, and believable VIDEO REVIEWS. We'll customize the type of story, where they can record, and more, then you sit back and watch the magic happen.
RESULTS: 71% of prospects typically purchase after watching customer video reviews. Video reviews drive 80% more sales conversions. It's SUPER POWERFUL!!!


* Customers record using their phone, tablet, or desktop, and THE COMPASS CORRECT TEAM directs what they say in their review.

LIVE Customer Interview Videos

Testimonials | Case Studies | Establish Confidence & Trust

Customer Interview Videos provide social proof. Buyers are typically skeptical about products and services they have not experienced before. To encourage them to spend their hard-earned money, you have to prove your credibility and worthiness of their time. Customer Interview Videos allow us to present social proof of your customers who have experienced your brand. Social evidence through video is a powerful tool and can create an emotional connection and persuade your prospects to take action.

Customer Interview Videos are Staged to Characterize Stories that Draw in Your Audience to Want MORE!!!
These stories are ATTENTION GRABBING and create an opportunity to connect with your prospects emotionally. Customer success stories from past buyers can be used to convert new leads to sales.


* THE COMPASS CORRECT PRODUCTION TEAM interviews and directs what your customers say in their LIVE interview either filmed on location or at our studio location.

Real Estate Videos

3D Virtual Tours | Real Estate

The real estate marketplace is changing. Now more than ever, you have to show buyers and sellers what you bring to the table and how you add value. How do you set yourself apart and provide something different, something that no one else does? In a rapidly evolving landscape, how do you leverage new technology for a successful real estate marketing program?

We have Game-Changing Technology that Will Differentiate Your Company and Brand, Help You WIN More Listings, and SELL YOUR PROPERTY LISTINGS... FASTER!
Compass Correct offers professional, quality complete scanning services of properties for real estate brokers and agents like you. We make it HASSLE-FREE to produce and add 3D Virtual Tours to your listings, so you can focus on what you do best... selling. This is an immersive 3D Showcase solution -- which can be used to better market your properties online. Discover how this has helped top brokers and agents from RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and more win more listings by differentiating them from their competition.


* This will win over any prospective buyer and seller as it is the most immersive way to experience any home on the market.

Aerial Drone Videos

Real Estate | Building Inspections | Outdoor Events & Concerts

Our Compass Correct drone specialists will capture aerial footage of any subject. Typically this includes aerial photos and videography of real estate and building inspections. However, aerial drone footage is also great in enhancing the customer experience when watching sporting events, concerts, and other outdoor events.

Hire Our Drone Photographers to Capture Images and Video From the Sky.


* Prices vary based on the project and time allotment.

A La Carte (Standalone) Video Services

Pre-Production, Production, Editing, and Animation

You need the right plan to get results. Having the right plan is CRUCIAL. We'd love to capture your vision on video. We shoot with 1-3 cameras depending on the requirements of the shoot. We shoot on location or at our studio location. We'll bring the lights, cameras, sliders, tripods, and gimbals, and everything necessary to make your project come to life.

Cameras often scare people and can be intimidating. We make the entire process relaxed, easy, and fun for anyone appearing on camera. Many people are relaxed and can easily talk and carry on a great conversation in front of a camera. However, once the camera begins to roll, it’s like a "fright monster" possessed their body, and they become nervous, uncertain, and frozen stiff. Not with us! Our directors are top pros and know exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.


* Prices vary based on the project and time allotment.


Become familiar with our pricing packages which are a great fit for any business:


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Individual Training Session


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Free Initial Consultation

Access to 5 Online Courses

4 Educational Workshops

2 Master Class On-Site Seminar

2 Individual Training Session


For business owners

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Free Initial Consultation

Access to 7 Online Courses

6 Educational Workshops

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5 Individual Training Session


For large organizations

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Access to 10 Online Courses

20 Educational Workshops

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For large organizations

$ 25 /month



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Access to All Online Courses

20 Educational Workshops

15 Master Class On-Site Seminar

10 Individual Training Session

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15 features

200 requests per month



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150 connections

30 features

Unlimited requests


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