Create Exceptional Customer Relationships
Through Personalized Memorable Experiences

In business today, you simply can’t just communicate — you need to connect and develop memorable relationships with your customers.

The talk in the marketing industry is; “marketing is evolving at lightning-fast speeds.” I personally think it’s our audiences that are evolving. As marketers, we’re all just trying to keep up. We have both consumer and client audiences to thank for the rising popularity of the “customer experience.” Executed with authenticity, the customer experience is an immersive, holistic, humanistic messaging tool that appeals to today’s customer: Someone who is willing to invest a little time and get to know the companies, owners, employees, and brands they are thinking about surrendering their loyalty toward.

Seth Godin quote: "If you use your money to make exceptional products and services, you won’t need to spend it on advertising, because your customers will connect to one another and bring you more. Building trust and connections are the hard (and necessary) part of marketing today

Capture the Excitement of Your Greatest Client Success Stories on Video.

Customer video interviews are some of the most powerful “motivators to buy” that you can have in your sales arsenal. The reason they are so powerful is that, if done correctly, they are powerful endorsements from people who have successfully experienced your buying process with great satisfaction. And through their genuine excitement, they possess the ability to infectiously excite your potential new customers.

How to Get Customers to Truthfully Say the Right Things to Make a Proper Endorsement?

It’s simple really… develop an interview process that extracts key critical information during a natural stress-free conversation… and record it all on video LIVE. Make sure the questions you ask prompt powerful, engaging, captivating statements about your company.

If Done Properly, Video Can Feel Genuine and Authentic.

In fact, video is the only medium where you can truly deliver all the raw emotion and excitement your customers feel. Get them to support their claims with shots of the actual evidence at the same time. What if your staff was taught how to use powerful customer interview endorsement videos as a tool when speaking to prospective new customers about your business? Do you think your conversion ratios might go up say… 10%? How about 20%? How about 50% in some cases? It’s possible!

Do you realize that testimonials are a natural part of our everyday communication cycle? Yet, when it comes to writing a testimonial for a company most people don’t mention or even consider all the things of value that would be of interest to others.

Consider the last time you personally bought a great fitting pair of comfortable shoes –or bought a golf club that really improved your game –or a stunningly killer dress that made you light up as soon as you entered the room –or a car with an interior that seemed to accommodate your physic like a glove. You were excited about it, weren’t you? In fact, you couldn’t wait to tell all your relatives, friends and co-workers about it, could you? How did it sound? Was it…

“Holy cow. I got these shoes yesterday. I can’t believe how great they feel. Before I would just walk a little bit around the house or maybe the office and my feet would absolutely kill me by 5:00 pm. And today, after wearing these new (XYZ) shoes, I would say that my level of pain has diminished by at least 50%... after one single day. Oh my God!!! I’m so excited. I have been suffering from foot pain for the past 10 years now. And, until yesterday, no matter what shoes I bought, nothing seemed to make a positive difference. To feel 50% better in a single day! I can’t wait to see how my feet feel by the end of the week.”

If you had that kind of experience wouldn’t you just tell everybody! Of course, you would.

The fact is… we’ve all had experiences like this in one way, shape or form. Some of your customers have experienced the same level of excitement about your products and/or services too. And you know what? Their excitement is tremendously infectious.

If a customer of yours had an experience like that, wouldn’t you want to perch them on a fence just outside of your business? Or maybe you could position them in your store or business – in an open area where people could feel free to chat with them. But, there might be some holes in that thought, wouldn’t there be? It wouldn’t appear to be entirely genuine, would it? But if done properly, the video can feel Genuine and actually be Authentic.

The ‘Interview Style Testimonial’

This where the 'customer' is looking at the person asking the questions and then giving a candid response to each question. It’s a simple dialog. 

Lighting, background and set up


Wireless Microphone Placement & What It Sounds Like



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