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Meet Jack Tuuk

Jack lives 100% authentic. “This is where true opportunities abound for everyone. Say it like it is. I’ve learned that to be happy in life, you need to figure out what your dream is… then increase the size of your dream daily… small steps each day! Don’t settle for anything less than what your dream entails.”
Jack began to share with others the lessons, tips, and tricks he learned from a multitude of highly successful mentors, along with his own experience and research to help them build their own long-term, sustainable business success by showing them how to craft powerful memorable personalized customer experiences designed to create life-long devoted relationships with their customers.



Sports was a big part of my early life.

I had some great experiences and success! (OK, it was a long time ago) Baseball was one of the best sports. I played in an International 'Honkbal' Tournament in the Netherlands, pitching against the Korean and Dutch National Teams. A shoulder injury put an end to my professional prospects!



Hear you will get all the good, bad, and ugly. I promise not to hold ANYTHING back.



At 17 years old, I started working a summer job (maybe you can relate) for a Mechanical Contractor - reading blueprints; measuring, cutting, threading, and hanging black pipe for commercial cooling systems.



My business life began in the automotive industry working for a multi-billion-dollar manufacture. There was a steep learning curve for me just starting out. During the training process, it felt like I was becoming a mechanical engineer. Sold engine parts for engine overhaul, all chassis and suspension parts, drive-line, and fluid power. Achieved ASE Certification for front-end alignment. I was a major contributor to the TOP Sales Region for several years.



Then I made the 'leap' into medical sales to the Healthcare Industry, especially acute care. Selling every aspect of IV Therapy, including drug delivery, nutritional support, and amino acid therapy for cell metabolism. I was appointed to the National Advisory Council for a national company where we tested out GRiD Systems Corp laptops in the late '80s. Achieved President's Club year after year.
I was featured in a local press article (surprised I still had it). Unfortunately, my position was terminated through a 'Reduction-In-Force' move. I was the breadwinner for my family of six, which was quite difficult to handle. I learned that life can be unfair. But I also learned how to be resilient.



My next move was selling spine implants used in surgery. I've observed and consulted in spine surgery cases, yes during surgery. Got some great stories. If you're clinical, you'll get that. A by-product of my medical experience was becoming really interested in health and wellness.



I've spent several years in professional services as an executive recruiter; the industry term is 'head hunter'. It was heavy national phone sales where I was in and out of more selling situations in one week than one month of face-to-face selling. Primarily dealing with high-level Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers with MBAs who were employed as sales or business development executives. Recruiting candidates in industries like factory automation; including motors, drives, and PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Awarded "Regional Rookie of the Year" and achieved "Pacesetter" status each year.




I decided to make the jump and become an entrepreneur and go into business for myself. Now I realize we cover some of this in our company history section located on our About US page. However, that is a more generalized statement of the overall experience. What I will reveal with you here is my personal experience and what I witnessed and learned that hopefully, you will find insightful.
I began my marketing career working with a bootstrapped start-up called Y2Marketing, back in February 2001. The co-founders, Rich Harshaw and Edward Earle were in their early 30’s and had developed a training program called "Monopolize Your Marketplace" -- the foundation for "Marketplace Domination Secrets."
The cost to join Y2Marketing back then was a $35,000 license fee. The license included a full week of intensive live training. I now know how it feels to 'drink from a fire hose' on full force. They crammed in so much information I thought my head would explode. I was trying to absorb the marketing system they taught as fast as humanly possible.
My career background included every sales training program conceivable that was offered back in the 1980s and 90s. Edward Earle, my mentor at Y2Marketing, completely changed my perspective entirely about sales.
Success comes from creating a Sales System. The likes of which few small business owners truly implement today.
Edward had an incredible vision and a powerful authoritative presence, he understood business strategy like no one I had ever met before. He could regurgitate industry-dominating strategies at the drop of a hat. And he was a magnificent storyteller. I was completely enchanted by his conversations. It was a magical experience.
Y2Marketing expanded nationally training businesses and consultants. And within 12-months recruited a workforce of 1,250 consultants. In October 2002, just 20-months from their rebirth, Y2Marketing made INC Magazines, INC 500 List, ranking at #42. A year later, they made the INC 500 List (Again) ranking at #28 by expanding into Canada and increasing their consultant base to over 3,000 members. Their small business e-zine subscriber list increases to 1.3 million subscribers. They gained a 9,900%+ increase in revenue from 2002.
However, in August 2004, things started to change. The two co-founders formed split ideologies on how they should continue to operate the company. So, in August, Edward Earle resigned his position from Y2Marketing, and I went on to do private consulting.



Shortly thereafter, I formed a company called Circle 3 Solution. We decided to look at opportunities that encompassed vertical markets. So, we went after industries like Ultra Energy Efficient Construction.
We orchestrated the development of a global chemical manufacturing enterprise. They were set to become the top residential HVAC engineering firm in the nation. Their R&D extensively included tests on over 40,000 homes. They even had historical ties going back to NASA. It was AWESOME!
The concept was to develop a network of home improvement contractors, tie them into this manufacturing enterprise, and utilize our marketing system to alert the world. It was a national opportunity!
Unfortunately, like with many huge projects that involved lots of people making many decisions, it was difficult to keep everyone focused on the grand vision. Eventually, their vision became scattered. And then it happened... the market of "new construction" came to a SCREECHING HALT with the economic CRASH in 2008.



At Y2Marketing I met a friend who met a computer scientist with extraordinary knowledge and capabilities. This man had developed a communications distribution platform that was completely disruptive, so advanced it could literally replace the INTERNET itself.We were invited to take part in the journey with him as he continued to prepare the platform for the tremendous influx of supporting the potential user population of the entire planet. This wasn't like building a web platform like Facebook here, or a search engine like Google, or a killer app like the WWW or email. This was intended to replace the Internet itself.
Think about the significance of that for a moment.
Global telecommunications, email, and the WWW... literally everything is shared through the Internet.Our job was to develop a scalable marketing and sales strategy for this technology platform and alert the world.So, for the next 11 years, our group devoted literally everything we had to accomplish the dream we shared. And I imagine like most large-scale bootstrap startups where the odds of success are against them, we too found ourselves struggling at every turn just to survive.
Since 1998, the project is still under development. Unfortunately, I was forced to move on.
Thinking back, Bill Gates and Paul Allen began their passion for computer programming and their journey into what would ultimately become "Microsoft Corporation" back when Bill was in the eighth grade. It took them both close to two decades to finally build Microsoft.And like all big business concepts, it takes great dedication and personal endurance to actualize its success. Microsoft was built from what Bill and Paul learned building the "Traf-O-Data" venture. Paul said, “... if it hadn’t been for all that time spent on [University of Washington] computers, you could argue that Microsoft might not have happened. In my experience, each failure contains the seeds of your next success — if you are willing to learn from it. Bill and I had to concede that our future wasn’t in hardware or traffic tapes.”
I would add that you need to be able to endure the many challenges and personally survive long enough for your business to take off.



I spent time investigating the health insurance marketplace for a solution, And, yes it exists, but what threw a monkey wrench into the picture was the government's continual interference and intrusion. I'm sure you remember the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in 2010. It completely screwed up the insurance market.



I eventually teamed up with HubSpot, an all-in-one marketing technology platform; they've been a driving force behind the shift to Inbound Marketing. I worked with HVAC contractors implementing content management strategies; personally, writing over 300 industry-specific blog articles using the best practices of inbound marketing.



The formation of Compass Correct is the result of 'stitching' together with all our combined experiences and knowledge we discovered on our journey to deliver for our clients a masterful blueprint to acquiring marketplace ownership.
It truly is your TRUE North roadmap.



Sounds simple enough. It's not, I assure you.

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    Choices I had made on the entrepreneurial road which I detailed above obviously had major consequences good and bad. My partners and I have been down more roads than we'd like to recall sometimes. We've drilled many wells that were 'dry' and haven't produced anything as of yet.

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    Time to re-brand, re-engineer, and innovate! As you can see, we had plenty of experience, successes, and failures (didn't work out as we hoped).
    Time to 'bundle' all the intellectual capital (what we've learned) into one comprehensive opportunity to benefit the most people, today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Provide the BEST experience possible. Compass Correct is the result.

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    MY PLAN:

    Start with the knowledge business - teach & educate business owners while providing the tools and coaching to execute what you learn. Follow the roadmap to achieving your goals and aspirations.
    We're looking for business owners who want to learn what marketing is supposed to do, the leverage it creates, and become the best deal and be able to prove it. The consumers (like you) are tired of tricks and gimmicks.
    True knowledge doesn't happen with a 10-minute video or in a microwave 'Google it' world, it takes time to absorb essential information, not waving a magic marketing wand.
    We make marketing easy to understand. The good news, it's more science than you realize. In fact, it's more like a math equation, you see there's only one! My marketing mentor Edward Earle referred to it as a one-trick pony.


Compass Correct's mission is to help consumers and small business owners network and connect with integral, trusted Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) companies to find products, services, and solutions to fill their daily needs.


Compass Correct, is looking to change the way business owners perceive their marketplace.
It all begins with a FREE membership - an easy way for us to connect and get to know each other.
There are 3 primary components to your membership:
First, it begins with the introduction to our “Marketplace Domination Secrets Training Program - It's your Marketing Action Plan for Unlimited Success” Recently one of the top digital marketers said that If your foundation isn’t right, you have no shot at long term success!” He went on to say' Too many businesses get left in the dust because they’re too comfortable with their current successes. Let that sink in.
Marketplace Domination Secrets Training will help you establish a strong foundation and provide the tools necessary to succeed to whatever level you desire.
This is where you gain access to privately reserved secrets and powerful growth strategies concealed from even the most seasoned "experts"
One thing we can say is, in working with over 262 different industry segments, principles never change!
There's not another program, venue, book, trainer, or course that can teach you—in a hands-on, systematic way—exactly how to create a compelling marketing and sales plan that will catapult your profitability within 48 hours to 3 months of completion. Sometimes you just need to 'sharpen the ax'!
To us, it doesn't make sense to do any marketing or advertising without a solid understanding of what marketing and advertising are supposed to do. Learn how and why good marketing not only makes you the best choice… It should make you the ONLY choice!
Second is having access to amazing FREE Tools you can use immediately and begin making improvements with your current marketing efforts or get started on something for the first time.
The third one is completing your business listing in the Compass Correct Network. This has the potential to grow your business by attracting additional leads.
Your journey to becoming Compass Correct begins with your FREE membership. This is where we teach and coach businesses using information specific to your industry.
It doesn't end there. We also deliver a full suite of marketing services you can learn more by clicking the "Agency" tab above.


We are a customer-oriented company, and our values drive us to achieve more.

I'm glad you found your way to our website and hope you get as excited as we are when you discover how unique and innovative this opportunity is; especially given the marketplace of unlimited choices,
The reason I say discover is it'll take a little time to understand and appreciate everything we're offering.
This is an exciting new launch for us. There's currently no other solution like this available for small businesses ANYWHERE!We know, we've checked.
The next decade will REQUIRE marketing based on a solid foundation and principles, innovate to create memorable customer experiences, and stay highly adaptive!! Why? Some of the smartest guys are predicting economic storms and game-changing technological breakthroughs. Having a Master Business Coach to advise and recommend just might come in handy.
Look forward to getting to know each other!


I'm a devoted father of two daughters and five grandchildren I absolutely cherish. Fortunately for me, they all live close by in the West Michigan area, and I'm blessed to be able to visit with them all frequently.



My daughters have always been the delight and joy in my life. When they were young I would take them on quick little outdoor adventure excursions to our favorite spot located at Glen Arbor, Michigan. The place was great! Cool, calm relaxing sun-filled fun.

Exploring Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Leelanau Peninsula, which is the Lower Peninsula of Michigan which extends along the Lake Michigan shoreline.


I won an awards trip for a company I was working for in 2002 and was fortunate my daughters could share the experience with me. They look like they're having such a horrible time, don't they? Just look at those frowny faces :)



My eldest daughter completed the Air National Guard boot camp! She's solid as a rock inside and out. I'm so proud of her.


My Eldest Daughter Is A Kick-Ass Mom Too

She balances being a mom to three children, a loving wife, and still serves in the Air National Guard.



My youngest daughter recently delivered baby number two. What a treasure!Her slightly older son is just like me in that he loves the outdoors and gets super upset when he can't go out.

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My youngest daughter and I are BIG country music fans! Recently, we shared the experience at the "Dierks Bentley & Jon Pardi" concert for my birthday!

See... she still wears that same frowny face :)

Glad You Got to Know Me A Little...

I certainly hope you will look over the rest of the website and consider choosing us when making your final decisions.


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