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What We'll CoverMy goal is to help you become a 'Convert' of this marketing system.


What Would Happen If We Convinced 80% of The Market That Heavy Metal Toxicity Is Destroying Their Health?

1. One custom link to share (engage) – to initiate – the link has a social sharing image to announce what you’re sharing. All the pages created serve a specific purpose.2. Best time to call me is text message.3. Conversation starters. (to follow)4. Focus on the number of exposures – planting seeds and prequalifying interest. Action items include sharing the link via text, email, social media and networking with a digital business card. In addition, post memes we provide to you social media platforms. 5. The Goal – Educate the world about heavy metal toxicity and why it’s destroying their health. Let Doug and Rik do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. 6. If they go through the information and don’t have interest, it worked.7. If they go through the information and ask questions, it worked. You become the guide or advisor on their journey of their self-discovery. 8. 90-Day-See-For-Yourself – Purchase Activation Pack($299)and become a wholesale customer to start. The 1st goal is to help 10 people take this step.9. How to get started correctly – Dosing and drops plus continued education.10. Plant the seed that everyone knows someone right now who needs a 2nd chance at life and you may be the only one to help them. Opening the door to this information. Buy into our mission.11. Complete the 8 steps to a lifelong convert. 12. I'll teach people how to duplicate this process for you.13. Everything I’m teaching you, I’ll be doing myself.14. Develop a re-engagement strategy and test – recover with people who purchased an Activation Pack but weren’t started properly or didn’t really buy-in to the problem or solution to heavy metal toxicity.15. What if you PE 625 people and they all were on auto ship for $200/month average, you’d qualify as a Diamond Executive

Everything I'm Teaching I'll Be Doing Myself And Making Any Strategic Adjustments.

A Unique Opportunity - The convergence of scientifically proven products for better health, first class operations, and a high-level sales and marketing agency with an owner who has extensive background in network marketing. Oh, one more thing, in one of my prior careers I sold specific amino acid I.V. solutions used to nutritionally support ICU patients in the hospitals.

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