What if you had a sales system that:

● Achieves pure duplication.● Accelerates the speed of the duplication process.● Works the same way for all Avini Health distributors.● Teaches the world about heavy metal toxicity destroying their health and the solution by the most qualified guys to do that - Doug Dickey and Rik Deitsch.● Plays the perfect message every time on-demand 24/7.● Eliminates fear or apprehension.● Eliminates compliance issues.● Creating a network of wholesale customers.

That’s just for starters! Imagine instead of going from 3,000 distributors to 30,000, you grew to 300,000 in the same time period?

A Unique Opportunity - The convergence of scientifically proven products for better health, first class operations, and a high-level sales and marketing agency with an owner who has extensive background in network marketing. Oh, one more thing, in one of my prior careers I sold specific amino acid I.V. solutions used to nutritionally support ICU patients in the hospitals.

Watch this video to learn what a sales system is and why it creates tremendous leverage!

It will change network marketing forever!

Having built the Amway business in the late 80's to the year 2000, I've got the experience to make the statement!


It's About Owning The Market!