WATCH The Intro Video Training (7 videos) - The Building Blocks from A $40,000 Weeklong LIVE Bootcamp

Don't Spend A Dime On Marketing Until You Know What Marketing Is Supposed To Do! Take Advantage of This Training And Pray Your Competitors Don’t?

LESSON #1 - The Introduction

LESSON #2 - The History of Marketing

LESSON #3 - What Marketing and Advertising is Supposed to Accomplish

LESSON #4 - Systematically Eliminate Your Competition

LESSON #5 - Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

LESSON #6 - Three Steps to Gain Your Customer's Confidence

LESSON #7 - The Marketing Equation


We Hope You’re Beginning To See A Path To Truly Understanding What Marketing And Advertising Is Supposed To Do And Why It's A Huge Advantage To Learn It. 


On To Stage I Training – It includes 6 Videos that build on our Intro Series – The Investment Is $29 

Our goal is that everyone who studies the information will assimilate it in their brain. That point where you know that you know so you can be in charge of the most important part of any business venture- MARKETING!So far we’ve planned on 5 stages. Like I said this is from a $40,000 weeklong live bootcamp you’ll tap into for a fraction of the cost.