FREE Video Training - The Building Blocks from A $40,000 Weeklong LIVE Bootcamp

Don't Spend A Dime On Marketing Until You Know What Marketing Is Supposed To Do! Also, It's Why We Recommend You Take Advantage of This Training And Pray Your Competitors Don’t?

LESSON #1 - The Introduction

LESSON #2 - The History of Marketing

LESSON #3 - What Marketing and Advertising is Supposed to Accomplish

LESSON #4 - Systematically Eliminate Your Competition

LESSON #5 - Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

LESSON #6 - Three Steps to Gain Your Customer's Confidence

LESSON #7 - The Marketing Equation

LESSON #8 - Owning Your Market

LESSON #9 - Three 'Prescriptions' To Owning Your Market

LESSON #10 - What A Sales System Is and Why You Need One!

Marketplace Domination Secrets

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